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Our report on RIA of Maharashtra City Taxi Rules has been listed as a valuable resources for the MOVE Global Mobility Summit

Sustainability of Business vs. Sanctity of Contract - The Classical Debate

Pursuing Competition and Regulatory Reforms for Achieving Sustainable Development Goals

Is there a Bright Future Ahead for India's Pharmaceutical Market?

Mobile Internet Services in India: Quality of Service

Making Competition Reforms work for People

Empanelment of Institutions for Competition Assessment

Panel Discussion on "Digital Economy, Innovation and Competition" to celebrate the World Competition Day, December 05, 2018, New Delhi, India




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A talk by Pradeep S Mehta, Secretary General, CUTS International on the exemplary role that the organisation played in the development and implementation of competition law and policy in India & globally.    


A New Industrial Policy for India

Standards and Welfare Maximisation: Towards a
Competitive and Innovative 5G Ecosystem in India

CUTS Initiative on Regulatory Impact Assessment

CUTS Competition Impact Assessment Toolkit

Growth & Equity
Essays in Honour of Pradeep S Mehta

Project Briefs

CCI Watch

 Information and Communication Technology Dossier


Evidence Based Advocacy

CUTS-CIRC Submission to Competition Law Review Committee

CUTS Submission to RBI on Innovation and Competition in Retail Payments

CUTS submission on TRAI Consultation for Data Speeds under Wireless Broadband Plans

CUTS submission on virtual currencies framework

CUTS Comments on Net Neutrality

Comments on RBI Master Direction on Issuance and Operation of PPIs

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International Network of Civil Society Organisations on Competition (INCSOC)

Parliamentarians’ Forum on Economic Policy Issues (PARFORE)


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