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Information and Communication Technology Dossier


Digitisation and rapid strides in Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) have set the foundation for fourth industrial revolution. As it continues to pervade everything, unprecedented dynamism has been observed in economic growth, governance, business operations and consumer trends and has impacted all genres of stakeholders. Despite portraying immense benefits to stakeholders, fresh array of challenges have emerged from the ongoing digital revolution.
These are global challenges and not restricted to a specific geography. All countries, across the globe, are grappling to devise optimal solutions. The dynamic nature of technology and short evolution cycle makes it more difficult for policymakers to understand technology and frame ideal policies. Thus, it is important to be abreast of global developments, learn from cross-country experiences and understand the impact on stakeholders. To enable the same, CUTS has launched this quarterly dossier, which envisages capturing relevant news to trigger an informed debate on key issues. In these dossiers, news, as published, is utilised without verifying its accuracy, but ensuring its veracity.