About the Project

The CUTS with support from British High Commission (BHC) has taken this initiative to take forward the agenda of a National Competition Policy and focus on three sectors: Pharmaceuticals, Electricity & Agricultural produce market committee (APMC) reforms to identify the existing gaps against the touchstone of competition and measure the benefits of correcting the same on the entire Indian economy. The rationale for selecting these sectors lies behind their significance in the Indian economy. Sectors such as pharmaceuticals and infrastructure are the backbone of an economy and a propeller of socio-economic growth. It is necessary to provide a level playing field to players operating in these markets as well as lower entry barriers and facilitate greater market access. This would boost trade, investment as well as build global competitiveness in these arenas in addition to allowing a free market environment conducive to the survival of efficient and innovative firms.

The project is motivated by the objective of bringing markets in compliance with the principles of competition such as effective prevention of anti-competitive conduct; institutional separation between policymaking, operations and regulations; fair market process; competitive neutrality; fair pricing and inclusionary behaviour; third party access to “essential facilities;” public policies and programmes working towards promotion of competition in the marketplace; and national, regional and international cooperation in competition policy enforcement and advocacy upon which the National Competition Policy is hinged.

While the NCP is still under discussions in the government, this project will identify and advocate for competitive reforms based on their quantifiable economic gains.