Advocacy Activities

National Advocacy Plans

Country Specific Advocacy Activities

Countries Activities Outputs
Ghana – Maize Sector
  • Liberalisation Of Maize Procurement In Ghana And Implication On Women’s Economic Empowerment: Case-Study Of Market Queens In Selected Regions
  • Competition Issues in the Transport of Fertilisers
Ghana – Bus Transport Sector Meetings with the Ministry of Transport Operationalising the Road Transport Authority
India – Wheat Sector Discussions with key agriculture stakeholders in the state of Bihar

India – Bus Transport Sector
  • Inputs for making Road transport pro-competitive in India
  • Comments on Road Transport & Safety Bill, 14
  • Facilitating the development of ‘Madhya Pradesh Intercity Transport Authority’
  • Advocating for reforming the transport sector in Gujarat
India – Competition issues Advocacy with Competition Commission of India
  • Joint Workshop on (i) an enabling policy environment, (ii) pro-competitive guidelines for (public) procurement
    of buses and (iii) planning transport services such that it fosters competition on ‘routes’
  • Empanelment of CUTS in CCI as an institution to carry out competition assessment economic legislations /bills referred to them
The Philippines – Rice Sector
  • Discussions with the key stakeholders in the Rice sector in the Philippines
  • Developing an interim strategy for ‘Promoting a Competitive Rice markets post 2017’
The Philippines – Competition issues
  • OFC (DoJ)-CUTS Joint Seminars on Competition
The Philippines – Bus Transport Sector
  • Discussions with key stakeholders in the Bus Transport Sector in the Philippines including Land Transport Franchise & Regulatory Board (LTFRB), Land Transportation Office (LTO)
    and Office for Competition-Department of Justice (OFC-DOJ)
  • Need for a better managed bus transport sector in Philippines (scientific fare setting, route rationalisation, etc.)
    Land Transport Action Plan (LTAP) – draft
    Development of Competition and Regulatory Reforms
    Experts Group (CRREG)
Zambia – Competition Issues
  • Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (CCPC)to make the presentation to Cabinet Secretary on the existing market distortions
  • Competition distortions in key sectors in Zambia Maize
Zambia – Maize Sector
  • Tripartite discussion with Zambia Public Procurement Authority (ZPPA – CCPC – CUTS) to share the findings
    vis-à-vis fertiliser sector
  • Development of ‘checklist/toolkit ’ for simplifying public procurement in Zambia and making it pro-competitive
Zambia – Bus Transport Sector
  • Formal request for developing the standards for ‘Bus Seats’ In Zambia
  • Draft standards to be discussed with the Technical Committee on bus standards