Capacity Building Workshop on Competition Law for Competition Authority and Private Sector, Myanmar

Myanmar is currently drafting legislation on competition law with ongoing national consultations about the draft competition law. The next steps are critical for effective implementation of the law so that a culture of competition can be nurtured for reaping the fruits of competition. There are two critical steps required at this stage. First, relates to the capacity building of the staff of competition authority and the persons involved in the establishment of such authority. Second, it is critical to create awareness amongst the businesses and the private sector about the benefits of competition.

It is against this background that CUTS Centre for Investment and Economic Regulation (CUTS CCIER) in partnership with CUTS Institute for Regulation & Competition (CIRC) has conducted a five day training workshop from 27th -31st, October, 2014 in Myanmar. The workshop was supported by Friedrich Naumann Stiftung (FNST), Myanmar. The main objective was to building the capacity and also to raise the level of awareness regarding competition policy and law between government stakeholders (Competition Authority) & Private Sector.

The training pragramme was divided into two parts; the first part was focused on the capacity building of the government sector official held from 27th -29th, October at Nayi Pi daw. Whereas, second part of two day training pragramme was held from 30th – 31st, October at Yangon and targeted to build capacity and to raise the level of awareness of the private sector players.