Consultancy Support to Haryana Electricity Regulatory

Consultancy Support to Haryana Electricity Regulatory Commission (HERC) A World Bank Supported Assignment


Haryana is one of the pioneer states initiating electricity reform at the state level. One of the core objectives of electricity reforms was to improve service delivery and consumer satisfaction. Haryana Electricity Regulatory Commission (HERC) has issued various important regulations such as Guidelines for Establishment of Forum for Redressal of Grievances of the Consumers and Electricity Ombudsman, Standards of Performance for the Distribution Licensee etc. to ensure improved quality of service as well complaint redressal mechanism at consumer ends. However, the Commission had observed that there is need to strengthen the system in order to deliver service of high quality and promote consumer participation in electricity reforms and regulatory process.

The World Bank had appointed Mercados Energy Markets India Pvt. Ltd (Mercados), as Advisor for Consultancy Support to the Haryana Electricity Regulatory Commission (HERC). MERCADOS was required to address the following issues (1) tariff (transmission pricing, benchmarking, MYT, etc.); (2) market development (intra-state ABT and institutional arrangements required for further market development) and (3) consumer issues

Given this, Mercados sub-contracted CUTS International, to implement the component on Consumer issues (development of a Consumer Satisfaction Index, consumer advocacy process, etc).


  • Reviewed existing policies, regulations and orders and the current process related to consumer participation, awareness, grievance redressal and protection in Haryana. This lead to the preparation of “Report on Gap and Improvement Areas” on the above aspects.
  • Development of “Process and Methodology” for execution of consumer satisfaction survey and preparation of questionnaire for consumer survey.
  • Conducting the survey and analysis of the survey data in the form of “Report on Survey Findings”.
  • Development of “Road Map for Social Accountability and Consumer Involvement” based on 1 and 3.
  • Participation in relevant workshops, public hearings and discussions pertaining to the Scope of Work.


Implementing Organisation:

CUTS Centre for Competition, Investment and Economic Regulation

Ph: +91-141-228 2821
Fx: +91-141-228 2733, 228 2485