Project Summary

CUTS with the support of Shakti Sustainable Energy Foundation (SSEF), India is undertaking this initiative over two years in two states of India (Gujarat and West Bengal). The project will focus on capacity building measures for consumer groups so as to better prepare them to carry out need based advocacy and participate in associated policy and regulatory processes. There is a need to raise awareness and build capacity of consumer organisations, on issues pertaining to RE/DSM programmes. This would help in creating demand from the consumer end, which would potentially result in appropriate actions being implemented by policy makers at the top level.

The approach that CUTS intends to undertake is to first assess the current scenario through literature review, baseline consumer survey, and identify barriers that constrain greater consumer participation in the RE/DSM space. CUTS will then devise strategies such as state level training workshops, consumer interface meetings, to overcome the identified barriers. In planning and executing these activities CUTS will engage credible consumer groups through National Seminar, Policy Advocacy Meetings, and other similar interventions.


The overall objective of the project is to increase long-term capacity/awareness of consumer groups to demand for DSM and RE initiatives, and also to understand, document and communicate their specific needs to relevant policy makers.


  • Civil Society Organisations have a better understanding and awareness of issues pertaining to RE/DSM
  • Increase in awareness among consumers to adopt energy efficient practices
  • Effective policy actions by the government for enhancement of RE/DSM in two states of India

Project Duration

December 2010 – March 2013

Media Corner

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