Event Reports Investment Climate


  • Investments: Consumers, Development and the Environment
    1996This is a report of the CI-CUTS International Seminar on Multilateral Frameworks for Investment, Geneva, 1996. It contains 10 papers from eminent experts on the issues concerning investment liberalisation and its impact on consumer, development and environment

    pp 93, #9602, Rs.50/US$15, ISBN: 81-87222-03-4

  • Too Big for Rules
    1994A report of the IOCU-CUTS International Conference on Global Business that contains several documents relating to trade and Transnational Corporations (TNCs). A comparison is made between the draft UN Guidelines for Transnational Investment, the International Chamber of Commerce’s (ICC) Guidelines for Investment and the OECD Declaration for Multinational Enterprises.

    pp 105, #9409, Rs.50/US$25