Information and Communication Technology Dossier

World is swiftly progressing towards the fourth industrial revolution, courtesy digitisation and rapid strides in Information and Communication Technology (ICT). As technology continues to pervade everything, unprecedented dynamism has been observed in economic growth, governance, business operations and consumer trends, which has impacted all genres of stakeholders. However, despite portraying immense benefits, digital revolution has also given rise to a new array of challenges. Most of these challenges are global and countries, across the globe, are grappling to devise optimal solutions, especially in terms of regulating these digital entities.

While regulations must ensure to keep innovation on track, it is equally important to keep possible adversities in check, which may pertain to competition, consumer welfare and other concerns. Further, the dynamic nature of technology and short evolution cycle, makes it challenging for policymakers to understand technology and accordingly frame ideal policies. Considering these aspects, being abreast of the global developments and learning from cross-country experiences may aid policymakers to understand the challenges closely and accordingly devise optimal regulations.

To enable the same, CUTS publishes a quarterly dossier, which envisages to capture relevant news across sectors, in order to trigger an informed debate on critical issues. In these dossiers, news, as published, is utilised without verifying its accuracy, but ensuring its veracity.