List of submissions made to the Joint Parliamentary Committee on PDP Bill 2019

Media Nama, March 04, 2020

A Joint Parliamentary Committee, which is currently deliberating the proposed Personal Data Protection Bill, 2019, had invited comments on the Bill till February 25. The Bill is the first legislation that focuses on privacy of citizens, and could potentially result in significant overhaul of digital businesses and companies.

MediaNama is compiling a list of submissions made to the JPC, which have been uploaded by various entities online.

The list of submissions uploaded by entities in the public domain:

  1. Aapti Institute [Link]
  2. Asia Securities Industry & Financial Markets Association (ASIFMA) [Link
  3. BSA (The Software Alliance) [Link] [MediaNama summary]
  4. Centre for Information Policy Leadership (CIPL) [Link
  5. Computer & Communications Industry Association (CCIA) [Link
  6. Consumer Unity & Trust Society (CUTS) [Link]
  7. Dvara Research  [Initial comments link] [Submission link] [MediaNama summary]
  8. Global Data Alliance [Link
  9. Graham Greenleaf [Link
  10. ICANN [Link] [MediaNama summary]
  11. Internet Freedom Foundation (IFF) [Brief
  12. IT for Change [Link]
  13. NASSCOM and DSCI [Link] [MediaNama summary]
  14. Observer Research Foundation [Link

Previous submissions on the PDP Bill:

  1. Made to MEITY on the PDP Bill, 2018 [read]
  2. Made to Srikrishna Committee [read]

Ps: MediaNama has prepared a guide to the Personal Data Protection Bill, 2019, that gives you an overview of the Bill, its history, concerns, and what people think about it. Find it here.

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