Manthan Series to Foster Digital Economy in India


Manthan Series: Quarterly brainstorming sessions on emerging issues in digital economy.

The growth of data driven digital economy in India has brought many benefits. However, its disruptive nature and proliferation have opened the doors to many challenges, risks and misuse. These pertain to ensuring adequate data protection, curbing fake news, preventing unethical use of technologies, fair taxation, enabling cyber security, ensuring consumer sovereignty & (re)defining consumer welfare standards, among others. Due to this, India is facing challenges in formulating policies and regulation for digital economy.

This presents a need to curate informed discussions to dispassionately consider different stakeholder perspectives on issues pertaining to digital economy and assist policy makers and stakeholders in designing optimal regulations. To this end, Consumer Unity & Trust Society (CUTS) will organise quarterly discussions for cross-learning and sensitisation of policy makers and other stakeholders to facilitate in designing optimal regulation and policies for digital economy

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