Targeted training module will be prepared on the basis of capacity building needs and the best practices highlighted in the briefing paper and from the research undertaken by other organisations in India and abroad. This training module would target consumer groups in particular (training the trainers) and aim at improving their knowledge on broadband services, the quality of services available in the market, the need for a standard label for internet services etc.The training module will in particular aim at creating knowledge on the broadband services, highlighting the opportunities once these services are labelled in the markets, specifically for the consumers. It will moreover give the basis for overcoming the barriers that could be encountered while taking this requirement forward. It would also give an overview on other labelled services available in global market and the benefits it provides to that nation and its consumers. A part of the module would also contain a campaign section on the promotion of the need for labelled broadband services in the national market.

Detailed training modules will be prepared by national experts (subject experts, policymakers, broadband service providers and consumer representatives) selected by CUTS. They will be downloadable from the project website and will be distributed to trainers and stakeholders trained in CD-ROM format.