Quarterly Newsletter Issue #04
April-June, 2023
Dear Readers,

With this fourth edition of the InnovTech@CUTS newsletter, we complete our first year of publication. We have done excellent work in the areas of innovation and digital economy. In this fourth edition, we bring to you research and innovation initiatives undertaken by Consumer Unity & Trust Society (CUTS).

CUTS’ team released its study on consumer perspectives on the 6 GHz band and presented its findings amongst various experts and forums. CUTS has been involved in the discourse around G20 and its various engagement groups such as C20, B20, and T20.

CUTS’ unique positioning as a consumer-facing organisation and a global policy think-tank allows it to dive deeper into the issues of the digital economy and its impact on the general populace. We are further working on issues related to data privacy, ethical frameworks 6G technology, and financial inclusion, among others.

We hope our work will interest you. We look forward to your feedback and insights.
Pradeep S Mehta
Secretary General
CUTS International
Understanding Consumer Perspectives on the 6 GHz Band
Amol Kulkarni, Vidushi Sinha and Krishaank Jugiani
High-speed internet is necessary for critical use cases and socio-economic growth. It can be accessed through Wi-Fi, which operates on the 2.4 and 5 GHz bands in India. Globally, many countries have made or are deliberating on making the 6 GHz bands available for such licence-exempt use as well. In India, government officials, industry associations and academia are studying this matter.
In furtherance of the same, our study findings aim to plug in the missing consumer perspective to this discussion. In this regard, CUTS conducted in-person in-depth interactions with a diverse respondent base to understand consumer concerns and challenges with existing services and understand future expectations, including perspectives on the new 6 GHz band.
Read more about the project here. Findings from in-person in-depth interactions are available here.
How can Developing Countries Steer the Digital Economy for Equitable and Sustainable Development?
Amol Kulkarni, Peter Misiani Mwencha and Yasmin Ismail
The digital economy is transforming the way people interact, work, and live and is offering innumerable opportunities for growth and prosperity. However, the benefits of this transformation are not equally distributed, and many people and communities are left behind, particularly in developing countries. There are real concerns about the concentration of wealth and rising inequalities in the global south.
In addition, developing countries are significantly exposed to global risks such as climate change, disruption of supply chains, and medical and health emergencies, as the COVID-19 pandemic showed. Effective steering of the digital economy through national and international support measures offers an opportunity to address such risks, pursue sustainable development, and ensure that the benefits of the digital economy are shared more equitably.
During the UNCTAD’s Intergovernmental Group of Experts on E-commerce and the Digital Economy, CUTS contributed this note which identifies some key components of the digital economy and offers suggestions to developing countries to leverage it for their development goals.
More details are here.

Consumers cannot be the collateral in OTT tussle

Pradeep S Mehta and Shiksha Srivastava
The Economic Times, April 25, 2023
A soft law approach can regulate Big Tech well enough
Pradeep S Mehta
Livemint, April 04, 2023
CUTS Adda Conversation

India in the 6G Race: Some Major Considerations

CUTS Adda, April 10, 2023
Media Coverage

Consumer groups to govt: Prescriptive digital competition bill to affect small firms, innovation

Financial Express, June 27, 2023
44% Wi-Fi consumers look to tap the latest technology
Financial Express, June 15, 2023
IAFI hosts a national workshop on the planning of the 6GHz band in India
Communications Today, June 08, 2023
A MeitY move: Aadhaar validation by private entities gets green signal
Business Standard, April 20, 2023
6 GHz band spectrum for Wi-Fi to drive broadband penetration: BIF
Financial Express, April 12, 2023

Joint Open Letter by Stakeholders to the Ministry of Corporate Affairs on the Digital Competition Act

CUTS CCIER, June 26, 2023
  • Amol Kulkarni was one of the speakers at the National Workshop on the Planning of 6GHz Band in India, organised by the International Telecommunication Union-Asia Pacific Telecommunity (ITU-APT) Foundation of India in New Delhi on June 07, 2023.
  • Ujjwal Kumar was one of the speakers at the ‘National Conference on 6G Spectrum, Technologies, and Standardisation’, organised by ITU-APT Foundation of India in Bangalore on April 19, 2023.
  • Amol Kulkarni was one of the speakers at the Conference on Wi-Fi and Delicensing of 6 GHz: The Driving Force of Broadband for All, organised by Broadband India Forum and Wireless Broadband Alliance in New Delhi on April 11, 2023.

The Metaverse and Standards whitepaper
Dr Catriona Wallace et. al., Responsible Metaverse Alliance
No Internet Means No Work, No Pay, No Food: Internet Shutdowns Deny Access to Basic Rights in “Digital India”
Human Rights Watch

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