NRG Meetings

About the National Reference Group

The NRG is a multi-stakeholder group of experts and practitioners comprising 15-20 members, constituted in each CREW project country. The NRG form an integral part of the CREW Project. The NRG is designed to act as a platform for the project implementers (CUTS partners organisations, in each country) to seek views and guidance from these stakeholders on key aspects of the project.

The note titled “About the National Reference Group (NRG)” describes in detail the roles and expectations of the NRG.

Members of the NRG

The Phase I of the project involves the identification of the country specific NRG members. The NRG members would perform an advisory role (country specific) and provide guidance to undertake the activities in the respective project countries.

Meetings of the NRG

The meetings of the NRG would be conducted in all the four project countries (Ghana, India, The Philippines and Zambia) at various stages in all the three phases of the project.



The Philippines


What’s New

NOW-II Zambia
March 18, 2016

NOW-II Ghana
March 16, 2016

NOW-II Philippines
March 02, 2016

NOW-II India
December 23, 2015