Powered to Grow

Policy & Politics: Regulatory Reform?
A Documentary on Capacity Building for Electricity Reforms

The ‘Regulatory Reforms in Electricity Sector in South Asia’ Project, popularly known as the RESA Project, is an initiative of CUTS aimed at securing long-term capacity building of the civil society for participation in the policy process. The project adopted a unique approach (Grassroots Interface Meetings – GIMs) of reaching out to grassroots consumer groups, to give them a better understanding and awareness to engage in the reform process. CUTS undertook this initiative in the Indian states of Rajasthan and West Bengal and in neighbouring countries, Bangladesh and Nepal.

The GIMs were conceived as a platform to bring service providers and local civil service organisations together to make the consumer groups aware of their role in regulatory reforms. CUTS involved local NGOs in various areas to ensure better and continuous participation of the consumers.

To capture the experience of the GIMs, this documentary film “Powered to Grow” was produced as a strategic communication and dissemination tool.