Reference Group Meetings

The RESA project aims to increase long-term capacity of civil society organisations (CSOs), to improve consumers’ representation as a measure to enhance effectiveness of regulatory regimes in electricity sector in Bangladesh, India and Nepal.

A Reference Group (RG) has been formed in each project territory comprising subject experts, academicians, practitioners, government officials and civil society representatives. The RG provides guidance to the implementation of the project at the national level.

Role of the RG

  • Provide inputs (comments and suggestions) on certain key outputs of the project;
  • Act as ‘brand ambassador’ for the project, spreading awareness about the mission of the project through interactions with key people, nationally and also at the regional level; and
  • Provide inputs (comments and suggestions) over the discussions during the RG meetings.

RG Meeting I (July 2008)

RG Meeting II (April-May 2009)