Rajasthan Electricity Scenario Project (RES)

Rajasthan presents a very unique canvass which encompasses diverse challenges and opportunities for the power sector and clean energy transition. The state has a high untapped potential for renewable energy. The challenges of the poor performance of distribution companies, increasing financial losses, and high subsidy burden on the state are reflected across most major states in India. While there are inherent challenges, there is an immense opportunity in improving efficiency in agricultural consumption, introducing demand regulation measures, planning for grid balancing assets and integration of renewable energy source. A reliable long-term electricity demand forecast for the state would also help to control the cost of power procurement which forms about 75-80% of the final tariff paid by the consumers.

Given the dynamic nature and complexity of challenges of the power sector in Rajasthan, it shall serve as a unique platform to build and test solutions which can potentially be tailored and replicated across other states in India.

Medium and long term energy forecasting is the foundation of clean energy transition process as it can inform the planning authorities and agencies about plausible scenarios, needs and challenges. The exercise can enable development of pathways for optimising investments in power generation, reducing the burden on consumers. It shall also aid in mapping variations in demand, base loads, peak demand etc and hence enable decision making to activate various low carbon instruments for integration of variable renewable energy resources. The exercise shall also aid in understanding the impact of climate change (variations in temperature) on electricity demand.

The consortium aims to develop frameworks and guidelines tailored to key indicators in Rajasthan. These indicators shall include econometric indicators of key sectors, policy, infrastructure investment plans etc. Various medium term and long term energy scenarios shall also be modelled for Rajasthan to discuss challenges, policy priorities, investment requirements etc. Further, it is planned to advise on policy and regulatory reforms to mainstream such practices within power sector planning and decision making at the state level. Finally, key stakeholder workshops and training exercises are planned to facilitate adoption of such practices directly by distribution licensees and electricity regulator.

About the Project

Project Partners

  • BASK Research Foundation is a Jaipur based not-for-profit organization working towards governance reforms in power sector in pursuit of energy equity and climate action. It has extensive experience of working on regulatory issues at the State level and enjoys a good repute with power sector public institution in Rajasthan. It also brings on board technical and modelling experience in domain of distributed renewable energy, micro grids, and non-wire alternatives, along with understanding of power sector operations.
  • Centre for Energy Regulations (CER) and Energy Analytics lab (EAL), IIT Kanpur are initiatives at IIT Kanpur focused on institutional strengthening and research in the power sector, and development of energy analytics tools respectively. EAL (eal.iitk.ac.in) has extensive experience in modelling exercises, including electricity demand forecasting. CER (cer.iitk.ac.in) is engaged in policy and regulatory debate related to electricity demand forecasting and power procurement planning. At the same time, it is an institution of international repute pioneering research in power sector reform, prudent planning and clean transition at the national level.

Project Advisory Committee

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Consumer Unity & Trust Society (CUTS)
D–217, Bhaskar Marg, Bani Park, Jaipur 302016, Rajasthan, India
Ph: +91 141 2282821, Fax: +91 141 2282485, Email: cuts@cuts.org

Sarthak Shukla
Assistant Policy Analyst
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Bask Research Foundation
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Vidhayak Nagar, Lalkothi, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302015
Email: info@baskfoundation.org

Simran Grover
Chief Executive Officer
Bask Research Foundation
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Centre for Energy Regulations (CER)
Department of Industrial and Management Engineering
Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur
Kalayanpur, Kanpur – 208016 (India)
Ph: 0512-259-7453, Email: cer@iitk.ac.in

Dr Anoop Singh
IIT Kanpur
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