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  • Report on Consumer Broadband Labels
  • Mobile Internet Services in India: Quality of service
  • Unfair Trade Practices and Institutional Challenges in India – An Analysis
  • Consumer Empowerment in Electricity Reforms – A Review from South Asia
  • The report reviews the status of consumer participation in the regulatory reform process in the project countries. It concludes that most of the consumers are not satisfied with the existing complaint redressal mechanism as well as the quality of service available to them. Moreover, there is a need to conduct capacity building activities so that consumers become aware of their rights as well as responsibilities. This Report is useful not only for researchers but also for policy makers and regulators as it provides a comprehensive review of the status of reforms and consumer participation in select South Asian countries which could pave the way forward for future regulatory reforms for ensuring effective consumer participation.

    Pp 91, #1003, Rs 350/US$30,
    ISBN : 978-81-8257-132-7

  • Consumer-friendly Cable TV System
  • This report comes in the backdrop of an all-India survey conducted by CUTS on cable TV industry which revealed that the cable TV sector in the country is a seller’s market and that the consumers are merely a puppet in the hands of operators having no say. The report looks at various issues of concern in the cable TV sector and analyses them in the light of several survey results. It also makes recommendations towards ensuring a consumer-friendly cable TV system.

    pp 125, #0509, Rs. 100/US$15,
    ISBN: 81-8257-059-X