State-Business Interface Meeting (SBIM) Effective regulation of Pharmaceutical Industry for Better Business

December 11, 2013, New Delhi

CUTS in order to take the discussion forward on exploring how phama firms could promote Business Responsibility (BR) and behave as better business in India given the public interest interface of the industry, organised a State-Business Interface Meeting on 11th December, 2013 in New Delhi. The meeting was an attempt to facilitate a discourse among senior policy makers and industry leaders in the pharmaceutical sector, to develop a common understanding on feasibility and importance of BR in the sector. It also helped develop clarity on the role that central and state governments, regulatory agencies and business associations need to play in moving this agenda forward.

Further, one of the anticipated outcomes from the event was to identify positive changes that can be brought about in the process of implementing policies and regulations in the pharmaceutical sector to promote responsible business. It also threw some light on the manner in which some of the key stakeholders need to improve their interactions.