We are unknowingly leaking personal information

Jaipur News, July 19, 2019

Will be surprised to hear, but all our personal information is being received by adding a bank account to Aadhar card in the country. The truth is that no one knows that this information can prove to be a major threat in the future. From banks to government, there is no effective way to keep our personal data safe. In the next three years, there will be 650 million internet users in our country. 97 percent users in India are using internet from mobile.

In this way, there is a problem with increasing numbers that when people download the application in smart phones, the policy agrees to share the non-personalized information. This is due to the use of difficult English language in the policy, legal or technical language. These things were told by Assistant Policy analyst Swati Poonia in a workshop organized by Cuts International on Thursday. The opportunity was, Consumer Awareness Workshop ‘Data Protection and Privacy and Impact of Personal Data Protection Bill’ in Hotel Holiday located in Baix Warehouse.

Data protection law required
In the first session, Swati citing the report of KPMG’s Consumer Loss Barometer, said, “About 86 percent of smart phones in the country are troubled by the misuse of their messages and data through the user’s device. In fact, the complete information about the user’s data is with the company, which he can give to the third party. This is also written in his policy, but the user can not do anything because the policy is not fully read. Because he has agreed to read the policy unread.
It is also the main reason for not being a data protection law in the country. The common man’s personal data began to be used since the user started downloading the app in the smart phone. Only 11 per cent of the users read policy.

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