Workshop on Competition Policy and Law for Cambodia

08:00 Registration of participants
08:30 Opening Statements, Dean or Representative of the Royal University of Cambodia
Session I
09:00 The Need and Rationale for a Competition Law and Policy in Cambodia
(Dr. Deunden Nikomborirak & Mr. Ly Chan Tola)

  • The Idea and Principle of Economic Competition
  • Competition Policy and Competition Law and Their Relations
  • Objectives and Benefits of Applying Competition Law
  • The Competition Scenario in Cambodia
10:30 Coffee Break
10:45 Questions and Answers
12:00 Lunch
Session II
13:00 Main Hurdles to Fair Competition
(Mr. Tzu-Shun Hu)

  • Restrictive Business Agreements (and Concerted Actions)
    • Horizontal and Vertical Agreements
  • Dominant Market Positions and the Control of Abuses
  • Control of Mergers and Acquisition
    • What is a Merger?
    • Types of Mergers and Acquisitions
    • Possible Benefits, Risks and Negative Effects of Mergers
14:00 Questions and Answers
14:45 Coffee Break
Session III
15:00 Main Hurdles to Fair Competition and Competition Law Implementation in

  • Unfair Trade Practices and Consumer Protection
  • Competition Advocacy
  • Major Problems of Implementing Competition Law in Developing Countries

Developing Countries (Dr. S. Chakravarthy)

15:45 Questions and Answers
16:30 Conclusions and closure of the workshop