BRIC Competition Conference: A milestone in international cooperation on competition

September 02, 2009, Kazan, Russia

Delegates from over 40 countries across the world witnessed the unleashing of a new chapter in international cooperation on competition. Heads of competition authorities from Brazil, Russia, India and China (comprising the BRIC countries) welcomed a large delegation of experts, scholars and practitioners to the inaugural BRIC International Competition Conference (also referred as the BRIC Competition Conference) held on 1-3 September 2009 in Kazan, Russia.

Hosted in the picturesque settings of Kazan, the third biggest city of the Russian Federation and capital of the Republic of Tatarstan, the BRIC Competition Conference testifies the importance that the four collaborating countries have invested on the need for cooperation for developing well-functioning markets through the ‘Yekaterinburg’ process. It should be recalled here that the Heads of State of the BRIC countries met in Yekaterinburg on June 16th 2009 and issued a joint declaration highlighting the need for cooperation on various aspects of economic growth and sustainable development.

The BRIC Competition Conference would add a new dimension to international cooperation on competition – especially by focusing attention on the challenges and requirements in developing and least developed countries for competition reforms. It is expected to evolve as a platform for mutual learning through experience sharing among the partners and other members of this process. The fact that this process has been flagged off within 10 weeks from the meeting of the BRIC Head of State, testifies the importance that the collaborating countries attach to evolving competitive markets.

Opening this historic event Igor Shuvalov, Vice Prime Minister of the Russian Federation observed on behalf of President Dmitry Medvedev, “BRIC countries need to cooperate in order to strengthen their position in the world market. The BRIC Competition Conference is expected to initiate such a process of cooperation”.

Speaking at the inaugural session, all four heads of the BRIC Competition authorities (SEAE Brazil, FAS Russia, CCI India and SAIC China) highlighted the need for well-functioning markets in their respective countries, especially for sustained economic growth and poverty reduction.

Igor Artemyev, Head of FAS Russia asserted that FAS Russia has been and would continue to work towards curbing anti-competitive practices at all levels, and contribute towards evolving transparent mechanisms and processes in its markets. He also highlighted the critical requirement for a competition authority to work hand in hand with the business community for effective enforcement outcomes, as has been the Russian experience.

Zhou Bohua, Minister SAIC China expressed a commitment of the highest level of the Chinese government to evolve a healthy competition culture in the country. He hoped that the BRIC Competition Conference would be able to facilitate a platform by which authorities could cooperate by sharing information and experience among themselves to achieve common goals.

Antonio Silveira, Secretary SEAE Brazil highlighted the need for competition authorities to effectively carry out their ‘competition advocacy’ function, especially in the period when economies are gradually recovering from the global economic downturn. He also informed the audience of certain key structural amendments carried out recently in the Brazilian competition authority to ensure better coordination of competition enforcement actions.

Dhanendra Kumar, Chairperson, CCI India highlighted the need for the competition enforcement process to take cognisance of the existing social, economic and political characteristics in the host country. He underscored the need for governments to develop competition policy as a symbol of its commitment to promote competition at all levels, and in every sphere of the economy.

The conference agenda comprise sessions on the extremely crucial aspects of cartel enforcement, inter-agency cooperation and competition advocacy, to be deliberated upon by representatives of BRIC and other fast growing economies to evolve useful lessons.

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