Competition Policy and Law


  • Competition Concerns in the Agriculture Sector in Select Countries of West Africa

    In this monograph, CUTS tries to identify certain factors that affect emergence of competitive agriculture markets, with inputs gathered from seven countries of West Africa (Burkina Faso, The Gambia, Ghana, Mali, Nigeria, Senegal & Togo). These countries were part of the CUTS 7Up4 project. Key input markets (seeds and fertilisers) and prevailing marketing systems/channels were analysed for some of the major crops from these countries, to draw lessons for promoting competition in these markets. This monograph does highlight certain situations pertaining to agriculture markets in these countries that need to be borne in mind by government departments and policymakers for designing market development and regulatory strategies that could create better market opportunities.

    Pp 78, #1111, US$25, ISBN: 81-8257-154-9

  • Politics Triumphs Economics? Political Economy and the Implementation of Competition Law and Economic Regulation in Developing Countries – A Curtain Raiser

    CUTS along with CUTS Institute for Regulation & Competition (CIRC), have envisioned a biennial research programme entitled, ‘Competition, Regulation and Development Research Forum’ (CDRF) on political economy of competition and regulatory issues in developing world to stimulate research, deliberations and advocacy on political economy constraints in implementing effective competition and regulatory regimes in developing countries. The first cycle has come to an end with the release of two research volumes, entitled, ‘Politics Triumphs Economics?’ which contains 10 papers in the first volume and 9 papers in the second volume

  • Competition and Regulation in India, 2009 – A Curtain Raiser

    India Competition and Regulation Report, 2009 tries to examine the evolution of regulation/regulatory problems from a political economy perspective and assess the quality of regulation in terms of the suitability of content for tackling market failures, the effectiveness and independence of the regulator and the extent to which the set of sector regulations fosters competition.

  • The Competition Regime as a Determinant of Consumer Welfare: Focus on Indian Telecom

    This Monograph elaborates on the concept of consumer delineated in the form of consumer rights and examines how such rights can be furthered through a competition regime. It also evaluates the formulation and implementation of Government policies in India, which has affected the pursuit of competition and consumer welfare enhancement. It offers a case study of the telecom sector in India – the examination of competition issues is juxtaposed against an evaluation of the extent to which the mentioned consumer rights are being satisfied.

    Pp 31, #0901, Rs 200/US$50

  • New ‘Windows’ on Competition: The Microsoft Case

    This monograph examines Microsoft’s various alleged anti-competitive practices and its long-lasting battle with successive trials from nations worldwide. It also looks into some legal issues that should be discussed that are based on Microsoft’s experiences. The ultimate objective is to raise awareness on the new application of competition law, especially for reference in developing countries to deal with cases of the same nature.

    pp 44, #0826

  • Competition Policy: Essential Element for Private Sector Development in Eastern and Southern Africa


    This monograph highlights impediments to the effective operationalisation of competition regimes in the region, which has
    been argued to be an imperative for private sector development therein. It collates knowledge and evidences from the countries to explore the contribution of a sound competition regime to private sector development in the region. It adds to the body of literature to motivate the business community in supporting competition reforms at the national and regional levels.

    pp 74, #0821, Rs 200/US$15,
    ISBN: 978-81-8257-114-3

  • Competition Law and Intellectual Property Rights: Controlling Abuse or Abusing Control?

    This monograph examines the interface between competition law issues and the protection of IPRs both complementarities and conflicts. It discusses the IPRs-related competition issues, highlighting abuse of a dominance position due to IPRs. In addition, the paper provides an overview of the competition law and IPRs in developing countries.

    pp 56, #0814, Rs 200/US$15,
    ISBN: 978-81-8257-107-5

  • Policy-induced Barriers to Competition in Ethiopia

    This Monograph attempts to portray the competition regime in Ethiopia. It shows that irrespective of a decade and a half of market reform measures, economic restructuring still remains partial in the country. Specifically, the paper shows that many important regulatory provisions, including the competition law are deliberately designed such that it could be easily manipulated. This has created a distorted competition environment in the country.

    pp 36, #0810, Rs 100/US$15,
    ISBN: 978-81-8257-105-1

  • Politics Trumps Economics – Lessons and experiences on competition and regulatory regimes from developing countries

    Co-authored with Manish Agarwal and V V Singh, this monograph suggests that mere adoption of regulatory laws is a necessary but not a sufficient condition to be part of the market reform agenda. Implementation is equally important. Most developing countries have adopted market-oriented reforms as part of the globalisation and liberalisation process but due to various reasons, distortions arise in the working of the market process.

    pp 56, #0709, Rs 50/US$10,
    ISBN: 978-81-8257-087-0

  • Why India Adopted a new Competition Law

    This monograph throws light on the developments in the Indian competition regime, since it inception. The motivations that lead to evolution of the new competition law.

    pp 48, #0612, Rs.50/US$10

  • Competition and Consumer Protection in Kenya

    This report looks at some of the key sectors that contribute significantly towards the Kenyan economy and finds out whether competition really exists.

    pp 37, #0409, Rs.100/US$10,
    ISBN: 81-8257-024-7

  • Friends of Competition

    This monograph is prepared under the competition policy project (7Up2) of CUTS, aims to outline an ideal capacity building programme for promoting an effective and healthy competition regime in the targeted countries.

    pp 40, #0301, Rs.100/US$10
    ISBN: 81-87222-72-7

  • Towards a Healthy Competition Culture…

    This monograph is prepared under the competition policy project (7-Up), of CUTS, intends to build awareness in policymakers and negotiators and stimulate debate on competition policy in the national and international contexts.

    pp 68, #0304, Rs.50/US$5,
    ISBN: 81-87222-75-1

  • Restrictive and Unfair Trade Practices — Where Stands The Consumer?

    This handbook, in its simple question-answer format, tries to outline the nature of restrictive trade practices, unfair trade practices and unethical conducts, and the response of law to them in different countries.

    pp 42, #0318, Rs. 50/US$10,
    ISBN: 81-87222-94-8

  • Why is a Competition Law Necessary in Malawi?

    This monograph provides an overview of Malawi’s regulatory regime (including competition regime); prevailing anti-competitive practices in Malawi and reviews the efforts taken/not taken to address these problems.

    pp 44, #0334, Rs.50/US$10,
    ISBN: 81-8257-003-4

  • Competition and Consumer Protection Scenario in Uganda

    This monograph outlines various anti-competitive behaviours in Uganda and apprises of actions the state has taken in response.

    pp 40, #0313, INR100/US$5,
    ISBN: 81-87222-85-9

  • Market Practices in Zambia: Where do the Consumers Stand?

    The study delves deep into competition and consumer related issues in different sectors of the Zambian economy. It outlines what types of anti-competitive behaviours are presently encountered in Zambia and what actions the state and consumer groups have taken in response.

    pp 28, #0310, Rs.100/US$5,
    ISBN: 81-87222-81-6

  • Competition Policy & Law Made Easy

    This publication is meant for the layperson, aims at introducing the subject of competition law and policy.

    pp 36, #0109, Rs.50/US$10,
    ISBN: 81-87222-48-4

  • All About Competition Policy & Law

    This monograph, meant for advance learners, deals with various elements of competition law and policy in a comprehensive manner. It describes the various restrictive business practices (RBPs) in the market place.

    pp 70, #0006, Rs.50/US$10,
    ISBN: 81-87222-37-9

  • Trade, Competition & Multilateral Competition Policy

    The paper brings forward the debate vis-à-vis multilateral competition policy that is currently taking place at various fora. It analytically points out the hindrances in such a policy and highlights the need for a multilateral competition policy.

    pp 36, #0005, Rs.50/US$10,
    ISBN: 81-87222-35-2

  • Globalisation, Competition Policy and International Trade Negotiations

    This monograph maps out the issues concerning multilateral competition policy from the southern perspective.

    pp 38, #2003, Rs.50/US$10,
    ISBN: 81-87222-32-8

  • Competition Policy and Law: A report of Kenya

    This is the Kenya country report under competition policy project (7-Up), of CUTS. This report examines the scope and context of competition policy and law in Kenya, an assessment of Kenya’s competition law and need for the capacity building on the subject.

    Pp 54, #0208, Kenyan Shilling (KSH) 100/ INR Rs.100/US$10
    ISBN: 81-87222-62-X

  • FDI, mega-mergers and strategic alliances: Is global competition accelerating development or heading towards world monopolies?1999

    The monograph sheds light on the main contours of the global competition and its implication for consumers.

    pp 24, #9909, Rs.50/US$10,
    ISBN: 81-87222-26-3

  • Role of Competition Policy in Economic 1999

    This monograph examines the role of an effective competition policy in economic development from an Indian perspective.

    pp 32, # 9908, Rs.50/US$10, ISBN:81-87222-25-5

  • Regulation: Why and How?1999

    This paper provides a general picture of the ‘whys’ of regulation in a market economy from consumer’s point of view.

    pp 34, #9814, Rs.50/US$10, ISBN: 81-87222-17-4