Competitive Electricity Markets in India: A Regulatory Challenge

It is important that competitive electricity markets develop in India so as to meet the growing demand for electricity in India in economically efficient manner. Poor infrastructure including inadequate and inefficient power supply are frequently cited as potential hurdles that may come in way of sustained economic growth.

Regulatory mandates and scope of regulation: Paper will seek to see the differences in the objectives and scope of regulatory bodies at the central and state level. Evidence on the regulatory capabilities at the central and state regulatory commissions: The issue will be examined by looking at the human resource profiles at the commissions, annual budgets, involvement of external consultants and other informed stakeholders such as consumer groups in regulatory process, information and knowledge resources available to the commissions.

Process of regulation in generation, transmission and distribution: The evidence on the process of consultation and decisions will be collected from the information published by the commissions.

Regulatory performance and accountability: This issue will be briefly examined by looking at the regulatory acts