Consumer Protection


  • Competition and Consumer Protection in Kenya

    This report looks at some of the key sectors that contribute significantly towards the Kenyan economy and finds out whether competition really exists.

    pp 37, #0409, Rs.100/US$10,
    ISBN: 81-8257-024-7

  • Competition and Consumer Protection Scenario in Uganda

    This monograph outlines various anti-competitive behaviours in Uganda and apprises of actions the state has taken in response.

    pp 40, #0313, INR100/US$5,
    ISBN: 81-87222-85-9

  • Market Practices in Zambia: Where do the Consumers Stand?

    The study delves deep into competition and consumer related issues in different sectors of the Zambian economy. It outlines what types of anti-competitive behaviours are presently encountered in Zambia and what actions the state and consumer groups have taken in response. p>

    pp 28, #0310, Rs.100/US$5,
    ISBN: 81-87222-81-6