Despite the deletion, Facebook still keeps personal information

Jaipur News, July 20, 2019

Have happened this way with you many times, you have put security settings in your Facebook account, even though your information is reaching people. Similarly, on the Facebook account you have shared information and photos, even after deleting them, they will not be deleted forever. You will be surprised to hear that your personal data is constantly being monitored by Facebook. Despite your deletion, Facebook is saving information in its system. Similarly, continuously stealing your personal data from Instagram to Google. Many such shocking facts came out in the Awareness Workshop organized on ‘Data Protection and Privacy and Impact of Personal Data Protection Bill’. This was the occasion, Awareness Workshop organized by CUTS International.

In the panel discussion, Director of CUTS International, Shagufta Gupta said, 90 percent of the users do not want to share personal information on social networking sites. Users do not read the policy properly, because the policy is difficult and in many pages.
In such a situation, soon the personal data protection bill came with the government. Not only the involvement of the government, but the participation of common people is also important. Ajay Data, founder and CEO of Data Axen Technologies, said that it is necessary to implement the policy to properly define all the points in the protection bill. That is, if the language is simple, it will be much better if you are in mother tongue.

Note these points: –
– Do not share your information on Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms. Share the information about yourself on these platforms only.

– Do not share information related to Aadhar Card on all platforms.

– Do not give your identification card on all platforms. Rather, place them all at different places. From this front you will not be able to track.

– Do not share your personal contact number where it is not necessary. Suppose you are being asked for a number on the store in grocery stores or large shopping malls. Give wrong number there

– We agree to share information such as videos, photo contact lists, SMS, to use Google, Facebook and Whatsapp. Such situation also reads OTP in the user’s phone, and the information about the user’s SMS on the pretext of OTP is with the application.

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