Developing Interventions to Address Regulatory and Competition Bottlenecks to Growth of Payments Banks in India

March 02, 2016, New Delhi

CUTS International is undertaking an evidence based research project to identify key competition and regulatory bottlenecks in establishment and growth of payments banks in India. The objective is to develop necessary policy and practice interventions to address the bottlenecks for enhancing access to banking to the unserved and underserved sections of the society. This initiative is being supported by Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, New Delhi.

An expert group has been constituted under the project to guide the implementation of the project, enable requisite focus and prioritisation, review interim findings, and ensure timely progress of the project. The group comprises representatives from think tanks and other similar stakeholders in the industry other than the payments bank licensees. The first meeting of the expert group was organised on 02 March 2016 in New Delhi.

The objective of the meeting was to share findings of the literature review, validate the issues identified and discuss next steps under the project.