Experiences of Competition Law from around the World

New Delhi, March 21, 2007

CUTS International is organising an international research symposium from 22-24th March to deliberate on political economy constraints that developing countries face in implementing their competition and regulatory regimes. Considering the presence of several experts/practioners on Competition Law, CUTS International, FICCI and SILF organized an interactive workshop, titled

“Experiences of Competition Law from around the World”

on March 21st in New Delhi.
Pradeep Mehta, Secretary General, CUTS International and Lalit Bhasin, Co-Chairman FICCI’s committee on Corporate Law & Legal Affairs & President, Society of Indian Law Firms welcomed a gathering of experienced competition practitioners and experts in Competition Law in the said seminar. In his welcome address, Mr. Mehta emphasised that the seminar has got together experts from various countries, which would share their experience in dealing with Competition regimes.

This would help us in understanding the functioning of competition regimes across the globe and derive necessary lessons for implementing the same in India.

Frederic Jenny, Judge, French Supreme Court, gave a brief snapshot of Competition Laws from around the world and elucidated on the requirement for a Competition Law in the keynote address. He emphasised that there is a need to create awareness among the general public about competition and benefits of having a competition policy/law in a given country. Vinod Dhall, Member, Competition Commission of India in his inaugural address, gave a brief snapshot of history of Competition Law in India.

The seminar was widely attended by representatives from law firms, CCI, business houses and media. This indicates the keen interests that various stakeholders in India have in understanding and knowing the competition issues and how it would effect their behaviour.