“My data or yours?” Unravelling Multi-Party Privacy (MPP) among Consumers of Digital Credit in India

Operationalisation of digital financial services (DFS) heavily relies on a mix of personal data provided by consumers, and data collected and curated from multiple sources such as social media by the fintech platforms. This data of combined origin and ownership is further shared by the platform with third parties for insurance, collection etc. What concerns and trade-offs does this complex scenario of Multiple-Party Privacy (MPP) raise for consumers and how do they negotiate their privacy boundaries within it? This study focuses on diverse DFS consumers in India to examine this question.

We propose a mixed methods study that will include a large-scale survey, interviews, observation and focus group discussions with DFS users. By examining consumers who vary by region, gender, income, education, we will surface their understanding, expectations and concerns vis-a-vis data that fintech platforms have about them. We will also grasp how context shapes users’ expectations, and decisions on navigating privacy boundaries in a scenario where data is co-owned and assembled. We hope that a better understanding of these boundaries and their navigation by users can lead to DFS and Privacy Enhancing Technologies that are built to respect expectations and concerns of users about data.

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