BRCC Project Meeting With State Partners

April 13, 2012, Jaipur, Rajasthan

After the ‘fact finding visits’ in the four states, a meeting was convened with the State Partners to bring all the four state partners from the states selected for the project on one platform and explain their roles and responsibilities in the project. After taking them through the project activities so far (in terms of identifying the sectors, states and developing the research methodology), they were given an orientation about the Research Methodology for undertaking fieldwork in the States. The fieldwork would be segregated into three stages. The ideology and approach to sample selection in the four states was also discussed. The field work, an intricate and fundamental process, will be performed by the means of interviews, sample surveys and prescription analyses (in the healthcare sector). The State Partners were also taken through the three questionnaires targeting the respondents of the first stage of fieldwork.

This project that aims at attempting to transform business thinking has reached a very determining and crucial stage. The State Partners now also have a key role to play in taking the project forward in their respective states with guidance from CUTS and others involved