NRG Meeting II (National Reference Group Second Round Meetings)

October-November, 2009
CUTS is organising a second round of meetings of the National Reference Group (NRG) on Competition Policy and Law issues in each project country over the period October-November 2009. These meetings are being organised in cooperation with the project partner organisations in the capital cities.

20-25 participants representing key stakeholder groups from the project countries participated in each of these meetings, to evolve a road-map for national competition reforms in their respective countries. Specific interventions suggested by stakeholders form the basis of this road map to be implemented by CUTS, the project partners and the NRG members in each country.

Discussion in these meetings was initiated by sharing ‘key issues’ (relevant for competition reforms) that had emerged from the research undertaken in each country. Subsequently, these ‘key issues’ were prioritised and specific interventions identified for addressing each of the prioritised key issues.