QUESTIONNAIRE (India Competition Perception Survey)

Biennial review of Competition & Regulation scenario in
India to promote effective markets

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QUESTIONNAIRE (India Competition Perception Survey)

Background (Why the Survey?)

India embarked on the path of economic reforms in early 1990s by shifting to market-driven economic policies. The thrust of economic reforms has been to allow for more competition resulting in best possible choice of quality, lowest prices and adequate supplies to consumers and business. The government (Central and States) is striving to provide conducive environment for industries to enable them to work smoothly and remain cost competitive. It is also realised that in certain situations, regulation of markets is essential to ensure markets are working to offer wide choice, with enough supplies available and no windfall profits to the providers. Accordingly, changes are being made in the economic governance system of the country. This includes changing government policies/measures; amending existing legislations or enacting new ones such as the new competition law, Competition Act 2002; establishment of sector regulatory bodies in telecom, electricity, etc. All such measures are designed to ensure that markets function well in the new economic policy regime and yield desired results.

Now that the country is following a policy of market-oriented economic reforms for the past one and a half decade, there is a need to assess perception of stakeholders on competition and regulation prevailing in the country. Accordingly, the questionnaire has been designed to get feedback from stakeholders on following three broad issues:

  • Awareness/knowledge on Competition and Regulatory Issues
  • Opinion on Level of Competition that prevails in the country
  • Opinion about the Nature and Impact of government policies/measures

The questionnaire consists of four parts and a total of 30 questions have been identified. Each question is followed by certain options. We request you to please give your response by selecting the most appropriate option.

We thank you for your valued cooperation. Please note the information obtained here will be treated strictly confidentially. Neither your name nor the name of your organisation will be revealed in any document based on this survey.