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Structure of ICRR

I. Theme Section: For each biennial issue, a theme will be selected and issues relating to the theme will be covered in this section. The section would carry out an impact assessment of competition regime prevailing in India by considering certain attributes of the impact of competition that reflects precise outcomes e.g. access/availability, price, employment generation, etc. The objective is to analyse one important dimension of competition in detail, independent from other sections and draw specific policy recommendations.

II. Sectoral Analysis: This part would be a descriptive evaluation of competition and regulation issues at sectoral level and will focus on the process of competition by looking at one regulated industry and one competitive sector.

III. Competition Regime and Stakeholders: This part will evaluate the overall impact of competition regime on consumer welfare and business welfare. In addition there would be a perception survey to summarise perception of various stakeholders on competition and regulation in the country.

IV. Conclusion: This chapter will outline specific prescriptions for government and various stakeholders that emerge from each issue of the report. It would also map out progress made between two issues of ICRR relating to competition and regulation scenario in India. Further, the chapter will bring together all divergent findings from other sections of the report and analyse them appropriately.