About Project

The contemporary world is showing its ever-increasing dependency on internet services, for all economic and even non-economic activities. India is struggling with its broadband service, in terms of both inclusive access and maintaining the prescribed quality of service (QoS).

The delivery of broadband speeds in India is considerably poor. Consumers often complain about the low broadband speed as compared to the speed advertised by the operators during the time of sales. Further, they are not informed of the real speed of their connection and other technical parameters like bandwidth, etc. at the time of signing up for their services.

Use of terms such as ‘up to’ and ‘unlimited’ for data speeds and data limit are misleading. Non-disclosure of provision of substantial reduction in data speed after usage up to a quota arbitrarily determined by the service provider, under the garb of fair usage policy, is also a matter of concern amongst the consumers.

Thus, there should be a mechanism, which mandates operators to disclose the complete and actual set of information, to help consumers in making an informed decision on selecting a broadband service.

The overall objective of the project is to create a network of consumer groups and other stakeholders and to increase their long-term capacity/awareness on broadband services and related issues pertaining to broadband services and need for nutrition label in order to bring about certain policy and practice